Important Resources

Listed below are a number of urgent supports in the community, should these resources be of interest.


Current Events


Anxiety as a Barrier to Learning: Supports for Home and School

Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST - V. 11)

Beyond Concussion: Promoting Coping and Well-Being

Boss Back Worry! (10-13 y.o.): An 8-Week Intervention Program for Children and Caregivers

Boss Back Worry! (Kids): An 8-Week Intervention Program for Children and Caregivers

Boss Back Worry! (Teens): An 8-Week Anxiety Intervention Program for Adolescents and Caregivers

Boss Back Worry - Booster Session Parents/Caregivers Only

Cognitive & Academic Screening Assessment Program

Distress Management and Skills Building Group: A 12-Week Intervention Program for Adolescents

EXCEL (15-18 Yr. Olds): Executive Skills Program for Learning & Life

Fluency Summer Camp

FULL - Anxiety/Education Training 101

Healthy Relationships Group - An 8-week Program for Teenage Girls in Grades 9 - 12

Helping Preschool & School-Age Children Sleep Better at Night

Helping School-Aged Children Overcome their Worries and Fears

Leap to Literacy Tutoring

Learn Effective Study Skills

Looking for Clues: Connecting Learning Skills to Academic Success

Mindful Moments: An Interactive and Calming Evening of Stress-Busting Strategies

More Wise Words: A Program for Struggling Spellers

Parent-Led Strategies for Child Anxiety: Anxiety Education/Training 101

Self-Regulation Intervention Program for Children and Caregivers

So You're On a Waitlist: Tips & Strategies for Families Waiting for Support

Teen Talk! A 6-week Intervention Group for Adolescent Girls

Wise Words - Levels 1-3

Wise Words - Levels 1 to 3: A Program for Struggling Readers & Spellers