Updates at the Child & Youth Development Clinic

The CYDC is now beginning to offer telepsychology services, such as telephone appointments or video conferencing, for current clients and families. Our graduate student clinician team is reaching out to families who have recently received services. Current or past clients of the CYDC who feel they would benefit from consultation or support over the next few weeks, are encouraged to contact Dr. Colin King or Leesa Couper. Given the unique circumstances, ongoing support may not be a possibility for all clients or all graduate student clinicians.

Over the upcoming months, the CYDC hopes to begin offering clinical supports to new CYDC clients and families who might benefit from telepsychology support during this stressful time. As the coronavirus situation continues to unfold, the clinic is also giving consideration to other forms of support, such as webinars or online groups that may be a suitable form of support for the CYDC and families.

Listed below are a number of urgent supports in the community, should these resources be of interest.

Distress Management and Skills Building Group: A 12-Week Intervention Program for Adolescents

A 12-week group program for adolescents (13 to 17 years of age) to learn skills to manage
challenges related to emotion dysregulation. This includes anxiety, low mood, and challenges
in relationships with others. The program is based on principles of dialectical-behavioural
therapy with opportunities to support parents/caregivers with psychoeducation and strategy support.

Program designed for youth experiencing high levels of emotional dysregulation that is
impacting their well-being and success. Maximum 12 youth.

Program led by Dr. Maisha Syeda (Psychologist, Supervised Practice) with Psychology
Graduate Student Clinicians. Program supervised by Dr. Colin King, Psychologist.


April 1 - June 17, 2020
Wednesdays: 6:00pm - 7:30pm


1163 Richmond Street
London, Ontario
Tel: 519-661-4257


$250 for 12-week program

Contact Leesa Couper
Tel: 519-661-4257